Spectrophotometric Distances

This page contains the list of value-added catalogues from different surveys for which Queiroz et al (MNRAS, 2017, submitted) computed distance and extinction values using the StarHorse code, a joint effort by the SDSS Brazilian Participation Group and AIP/Potsdam. Just click on the desired sample to download the catalogue and accompanying README file. Please also check Section 6 of the submitted paper for more information.

Catalogue Fits CSV ReadMe
GAIA ESO Survey GES_DR3_starhorse.fits GES_DR3_starhorse.csv GES_ReadMe
GALAH GALAH_starhorse.fits GALAH_starhorse.csv GALAH_ReadMe
RAVE-SC RAVE_SC_starhorse.fits RAVE_SC_starhorse.csv RAVE_SC_ReadMe
RAVE-ON RAVE_ON_starhorse.fits RAVE_ON_starhorse.csv RAVE_ON_ReadMe
RAVE-DR5 RAVE_DR5_starhorse.fits RAVE_DR5_starhorse.csv RAVE_DR5_ReadMe
APOGEE-DR14 APOGEE_DR14_starhorse.fits APOGEE_DR14_starhorse.csv APOGEE_DR14_ReadMe
APOGEE-DR14-TGAS APOGEE_DR14_TGAS_starhorse.fits APOGEE_DR14_TGAS_starhorse.csv APOGEE_DR14_TGAS_ReadMe